Dating Profile Gallery (Part 1)

Dating Profile Gallery (Part 1)

Following your Main Dating Profile Picture, we move on to tackling the remaining pictures of your profile to create your gallery. While those photos are less impactful than your main profile picture, they matter nonetheless and thus should not be neglected.

Modifying/ Enhancing your profile pictures is a simple task giving you lasting benefits. Your gallery provides complementary information on who you are, what you do and all that defines your true self.

How many pictures?

Each dating app requires a different number of pictures. Unless mentioned, you do not have to fill your profile gallery entierly. Use a variety of shots ranging from 4–8 photos depending on your hobbies/favourite places/pet…Keep in mind that “what you pick is what you are” so try as best as possible to keep it real: Do not oversell yourself.

Picture content

Your profile pictures do not solely provide information on how you look today but they also communicate other defining elements such as your hobbies, your lifestyle or some of your habits. Focus on what you love or find interesting. In other words: What is worth sharing with the world around you?
Just like for your main profile picture, your gallery should showcase who you are and what you do today. Your “ten years ago” self isn’t the subject of attention here, so make sure all the photos of your profile reflect who you are and what you do today.

As mentionned in Your Main Dating Profile Picture, your face should be clearly visible on all photos. The only exception to the rule is the action picture, that one can be a bit blurry or not focusing on you but more on what you are doing. This type of picture shouldn’t fill your gallery but a well-picked “in action” photo could provide a lot to potential matches (more on photo type below).


Variety of picture framing is a must, having a couple of headshots as a gallery is underwhelming and might not engage potential matches. You should have at least one full body picture as well: Not showing yourself might leave room for assumption, as if you had something to hide.

Picture Type

An other key point for an attractive gallery resides in photo type diversity. Each picture should engage potential matches and provide different tips on yourself as well as generate inquiries on your photo background stories.
As mentionned above, an action picture brings energy to your gallery. Travel pictures are also great to engage discussions, they provide tips on your general tastes. Places you like or hang out at fit perfectly for Environemental photos. One dumb, silly photo is also a big plus, making you accessible and showing you know how to let go.